The AFSE Fellowship

The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity is an Indigenous-led lifelong collaborative change-making program and platform for systemic change. It harnesses timeless Indigenous knowledge, ingenuity, and creativity to bring a unique approach to transformative change.

Lifelong Fellowship

Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity are on a social change journey, which begins to take shape during the active fellowship year and continues to evolve in multiple ways after they graduate into Senior Fellowship. Atlantic Fellows use their time in the core program as a launching point, to accelerate their personal and professional development, and enable them to amplify their social change work and contribute selflessly in service of others. It is a lifelong commitment, one that will see Fellows continue to work with communities to fundamentally improve future health, wellbeing, capacity and equity.

Indigenous Led

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures are the oldest living cultures in the world. Through extraordinary levels of capacity, resilience, knowledge and adaptability these cultures continue today. The program explores Indigenous ways of knowing, doing and being as they relate to creating and sustaining networked platforms for change and reframing narratives to bring about social equity, flourishing well being, and boundless opportunity. The Program is Indigenous-led, from the Board to Executive Director to Program Director, the program works with Indigenous program advisers and collaborators, Indigenous social change theorists and practitioners.

The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity program has given me amazing leadership skills and connections and friendships that have been life changing.”
— Jody Barney, Inaugural Atlantic Fellow

Our Program Modules 2017-19

Over 12-months, the fellowship will provoke, challenge and enable a significant shift in the identity of our Fellows as agents of social change. Steeped in Indigenous ways of teaching and learning, our program will facilitate discovery and enhance the capacity of Fellows to support societies to succeed and flourish through a series of eight modules:

  1. Relationships as Change

  2. Scales of Change

  3. Multidimensionality of Change

  4. Systems and Change

  5. Real Systems

  6. Power Tools

  7. Art of Change

  8. Exhibit

Since I first wrote about land rights as a seven-year old, my vision has been for one of an Australia that is at peace with its own identity.
— Dean Parkin, Inaugural Atlantic Fellow

Our Fellows

Our Fellows are proven and provocative change makers with a commitment to new forms of collaborative leadership and, by design, are drawn from a mix of backgrounds, professions and perspectives.

Cohorts are carefully curated to ensure a diverse mix of voices and authentic community experiences – with the mix of Indigenous participants and participants from non-Indigenous contexts. They will be modelled on a real-world learning environment that is multi-disciplinary, inter-cultural, and multi-sectoral. A diverse cohort ensures that Fellows are provided the opportunity to build a network that transcends community boundaries and provides a global platform.

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