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The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity program is an unconventional social leadership program that challenges the common notion of leadership and the need for archetypal leaders. 

Driven by Indigenous people and based on Indigenous sensibilities, the program aims to build a generation of people who work together as a collective and distributed network of change makers to improve the wellbeing of communities, especially Indigenous communities, and make society more healthy, inclusive, and fair. 

We provide capacity and freedom to leaders to have positive social impact at scale.

Over the next 20 years we will create more than 400 change agents, influential and innovative leaders, and social provocateurs, who will connect with thousands of other Atlantic Fellows as part of a global network.

The time has come for a new approach to socially-conscious leadership, especially if we wish to adequately empower the next generation of leaders to have an inclusive approach in building stronger communities.
— Professor Tom Calma AO, Program Chair, Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity

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There are many ways you can be a part of our movement and contribute to fairer, healthier and more inclusive societies.

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We're always on the lookout for social change leaders who are hungry to join a collective and distributed network of changemakers, working to improve the wellbeing of Indigenous communities and make society more healthy, inclusive, and fair. 

Applications for our 2019 intake are limited to individuals directly nominated by our program partners. 

Applications for the 2020 Fellowship and beyond will then be open to the public. You can register your interest now and we'll keep you updated.  


Fellow Selection Criteria

Cohorts for each year are carefully curated to ensure a diverse mix of voices and authentic community experiences – with the mix of Indigenous participants and participants from non-Indigenous contexts.

Applications for the Fellowship are assessed based on the following areas:

1. Proven track record in your chosen field. You may wish to demonstrate this in a number of ways including leadership positions, awards, successful project leadership, academic or other qualifications, demonstrated capacity to work with communities.

2. Capacity to effect social change through collaboration across disciplinary, cultural and other boundaries. For instance, if you have successful delivered smaller scale change projects, developed or maintained key partnerships, engaged in projects with interdisciplinary components, demonstrated outcomes from previous projects or relevant courses or training.

3. The quality and innovativeness of your social change proposal. You will need to develop a two page outline of your social change proposal that addresses community wellbeing outcomes. Over the course of 12-months, you will continue to develop your proposal by leveraging the expertise and resources available within our national and international networks.  

4. The relevance of the social proposal to the program’s vision. Your social change proposal must have a clear connection with social change leadership and health and wellbeing for Indigenous communities.

5. Personal commitment to social change, alignment to the program’s values and likelihood of benefiting from the program. This can be in the form of reports from your referees and personal statements as well as your general track-record in social change.



To be eligible for the Fellowship, you need to be a resident of Australia or New Zealand.

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