Our Manifesto

The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity program is an unconventional social leadership program that challenges the common notion of leadership and the need for archetypal leaders.

Driven by Indigenous people and based on Indigenous sensibilities, the program aims to build a generation of people who work together as a collective and distributed network of change makers to improve the wellbeing of communities, especially Indigenous communities, and make society more healthy, inclusive, and fair.

Over the next 20 years we will create more than 400 change agents, influential and innovative leaders, and social provocateurs, who will connect with thousands of other Atlantic Fellows as part of a global network.

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The time has come for a new approach to socially-conscious leadership, especially if we wish to adequately empower the next generation of leaders to have an inclusive approach in building stronger communities.
— Professor Tom Calma AO, Program Chair, Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity

Indigenous Ways

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures are the oldest living cultures in the world. Through extraordinary levels of capacity, resilience, knowledge and adaptability these cultures continue today.

We work with Indigenous leaders and communities to create and deliver a strengths-based program, that harnesses Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, creativity, and ingenuity to drive social change.


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