Global Atlantic Community

AFSE are one of seven interconnected Atlantic Fellows programs globally, collaborating across disciplines and borders to advance fairer, healthier, and more inclusive societies.

The Atlantic Institute, based at Oxford, connects these seven programs, building a global community of courageous Fellows who inspire positive change.

The Atlantic Institute seeks to amplify the influence and impact of the Atlantic Fellows and the Atlantic Fellows Programs by supporting lifelong community among Atlantic Fellows, with access to resources and opportunities to connect, learn, and collaborate.  Each year, AI will host a gathering of all Atlantic Fellows who have graduated in the previous year. The next gathering will take place in mid-July 2020 in Oxford. Through AI, Senior AFSE Fellows will be able to access opportunities and resources for connection and collaboration with Senior Fellows from other Atlantic Fellows programmes.

Support for a New Generation of Leaders

The Atlantic Institute amplifies the impact of the network of Atlantic Fellows programs, and helps promote lifelong community among its Fellows. 

 The Narrative Initiative is a training and networking resource for Atlantic Fellows, social change leaders and organizations. The Initiative will develop Fellows’ understanding and capacity to use culture, language and stories that move hearts and minds.