Roxanne Bainbridge

Roxanne is an Aboriginal woman from the Gungarri/Kunja Nations of South-Western Queensland. She is Associate Professor of Indigenous Health at Central Queensland University, and Director at the Centre for Indigenous Health Equity Research, a centre which she helped establish. 

Roxanne has worked as a researcher in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and education over the past seven years, and has multidisciplinary expertise clustered around the social and cultural determinants of health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander psychosocial resilience, empowerment and social inclusion. 

I am driven by a strong desire to be a part of solution-focused approach to social change for the benefit of Aboriginal and Torres Strait children and adolescents, and continuity of a flourishing culture; this is my cultural and moral responsibility.

Roxanne intends to develop and evaluate the social and emotional learning strategies being implemented in Queensland boarding schools, to help remote Indigenous students better engage in life and learning.

She currently holds a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship about strengthening the psychosocial health and resilience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian adolescents.