Marcus Akuhata-Brown

It was while at university that Marcus become conscious of the significant inequities that existed in society and the over representation of Māori people in all of the negative social indicators. This awareness became the catalyst of change in his life and has informed the majority of the decisions he has made.    

Marcus has spent over 20 years supporting and inspiring rangatahi Māori to realise their potential, and aims to advance their role as active agents in all spheres of development in New Zealand society and beyond. 

Marcus is the Founder of Tuia National Leadership Development Program, which takes an intergenerational approach based on Indigenous development principles to enhance the way in which rangatahi Māori contribute to communities throughout New Zealand.

This fellowship will provide an amazing framework to explore with others how to maximise the opportunity to effectively contribute to the next phase of social transformation that I am committed to.

Marcus has consulted for a range of organisations including the New Zealand (NZ) Ministry of Internal Affairs, Commonwealth Youth Program, Mayors Taskforce for Jobs. He is the Founding Trustee for TUIA Charitable Trust, and was Director for the Global Board of Directors CIVICUS, and Chair of Pan Commonwealth Youth Caucus.

Marcus is currently on sabbatical from Matriki until June 2018.