Sean Gordon

Sean is a Wangkumarra/Barkindji man, and for the past nine years he has served as CEO of the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council. Under Sean’s leadership Darkinjung has built combined assets in excess of $55 million, and is currently developing innovative affordable housing and home ownership models that allow potential tenants to build equity and save to a cash deposit while renting in the Darkinjung affordable housing program.

Sean is committed to pursuing the practical solutions and programs that are driving Indigenous Economic development in each of the eight Empowered Communities regions and their role in redressing Indigenous socio-economic disadvantage and disempowerment.

My goal is to close the gap on the social and economic disparity of Indigenous Australians, and ensure that legislation, policy and programs have a positive impact and convert to genuine opportunities for Indigenous economic empowerment and independence.

Sean co-convenes the Empowered Communities Leadership Group and chairs the National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) and Uphold and Recognise. He is also a member of the Commonwealth Bank Indigenous Advisory Group.