Nicole Jenkins

Nicole is a Gamilaroi woman from Moree. Nicole has spent many years
working in employment, recruitment, policy and strategy development. Her
experience in the community has led her to question how Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people are recruited, and how their skills are recognised
in organisations.

The nuances that are gained from life and community experience needs to be acknowledged and qualified so as a society, we genuinely include and value the knowledge and attributes that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people bring to the workplace.

Nicole aims to develop a competency set based on the skills, knowledge and attributes that Indigenous people bring to the workforce – skills which have not been acquired through formal qualifications or training. 

Nicole is currently a Mentor with Training Services NSW, supporting Aboriginal trainees and apprentices. She was previously Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Engagement with the Australian Red Cross. She completed Bachelor of Business in Human Resources, and Master of International Sports Management at Southern Cross University.