New Book Explores “Giving While Living” Approach to Philanthropy

The Atlantic Philanthropies today released Atlantic Insights: Giving While Living, a 56-page publication that explores Founder Charles “Chuck” Feeney’s long-standing belief in “Giving While Living,” the idea that people with wealth should use it during their lifetimes to help others.

Written by journalist and philanthropy expert Heidi Waleson, the book also features other donors who have decided to devote the majority of their fortunes to philanthropy.

Bina-gurri: Part one

Left in a strange house far from home, a young girl can sense that something is wrong, but not the reasons why.

Later, as she and her family shift from one community to the next, she’ll come to understand why her father kept his children moving.

The unique skills that Jody Barney learns along the way will shape her extraordinary work as an adult.

Bina-gurri: Part two

For 20 years, Jody Barney says she's been visiting Australian jails to meet a section of the population neglected by the justice system.

In the Northern Territory, ninety four percent of Aboriginal people in prison have significant hearing loss.

It’s often caused by childhood ear diseases that are common in remote communities. As a Royal Commission begins its enquiries, she realises she must speak out.