Alex Splitt

Alex is a proud Gubbi Gubbi man (Southeast Coast, QLD) based in Melbourne, Victoria but originally from Tennant Creek. He is an Independent Consultant who utilises his own and that of other First Peoples knowledges and perspectives, working with organisations and public institutions seeking to advance reconciliation. He is currently working on a number of projects, including the development of the Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework and an Indigenous Industry Engagement Framework with one of Victoria’s leading Universities..

My social change proposal is to explore how best to develop and embed a partnership model in Indigenous social policy, centred on engaging policy makers, deliverers, and the end user to collectively design products, programs and services that will ultimately lead to improvements and innovation in social outcomes.’

Alex has a background in social policy, operations and youth development. Throughout his career he has worked extensively in the field of Aboriginal Affairs, with a strong focus on strategy and policy development, operational management and leadership within not-for-profits – including the sporting industry and youth sector.

‘Embedding an approach to social equity for Indigenous communities based on partnering, rather than engaging, sends strong message that utilising the existing capacity, strengths and resilience of each community is essential to tackling community challenges. Mobs know that their role is vital in building, maintaining and generating positive community outcomes.’