Raymond Orr

Raymond I. Orr is an American Indian Citizen Potawatomi Nation, currently Associate Professor at The University of Oklahoma in the United States.

‘My social change proposal is to engage in treaty-making debates in Australia by drawing on comparative experiences in the United States and Aotearoa/New Zealand. I will consider what testimonials about treaties and self-determination from Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples from the US and NZ would positively impact treaty discussions in Australia.’

Before joining the University of Oklahoma, Raymond taught comparative and Indigenous politics at the University of Melbourne, Australia.  He is interested in institutions and attitudes internal to Indigenous polities and in understanding attitudes about Indigenous peoples from the perspective of settler societies. His research places these themes into contact with multiple fields, including tribal policy, identity, trauma and economic development.

'Self- determination, treaty rights and governances have extra-legal consequences  that are of tremendous social and emotive value, significantly including economic development and better health outcomes. Through the Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity Program I will be able to extend my work into places I had not considered possible. I hope to use these skills to help expand the possibilities for Indigenous peoples and their self-governance’