Penny Jones

Penny Jones is the Director of the Primary Health Care Policy, Indigenous Health Division of the Department of Health.

‘My social change proposal is to bring diverse leaders together to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to eat well, move more and stay healthy.’

Penny’s career has spanned several Government Departments, focusing on Indigenous health, welfare reform, disability policy, research and evaluation. She has worked in post-crisis Timor-Leste and Haiti as a diplomat and then an aid worker. She further developed her knowledge of social change through a Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development from the Australian National University.

‘What if we brought people together, Indigenous and non Indigenous, health workers, clinicians, the private sector, academics,  government, and indigenous leaders and came up with real local and national solutions to help reduce obesity rates amongst indigenous Australians? We could really change things. That’s why I’m really excited by the Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity program.’