Juanita Wheeler

Juanita recent became a Producer of Upstream Pictures (USA). She is the Founder and Managing Director of Full & Frank and Executive Director of TEDxBrisbane.

Juanita is on a mission to save the world, by ensuring the people and organisations working to change the world have the funds they need to succeed. The current system for charitable giving and philanthropy is broken.

As Juanita would tell you: "We expect nonprofits to solve the world's largest problems, but to do it with the cheapest available band-aids.  And that is bullsh##."

Despite evidence that our current practices starve the charities we care about and prevent them from achieving their missions, society clings to them with obsessive determination.

 Juanita is producing a full-length, social impact documentary feature film as part of the lead creative team at Upstream Pictures, a Hollywood-based film production studio.  The film's director is Stephen Gyllenhaal.


"My social change project will tackle the deeply embedded beliefs and behaviours regarding charitable funding, highlight the unintended negative consequences of our actions and elevating the research.  A comprehensive set of accompanying study guides will complement the new knowledge depicted in the film, individually tailored for philanthropists, donors, foundations, charity boards, journalists and educators."

The film and the accompanying social impact campaign will pave the way for systemic behavioural change.  Change with a game-changing scale of impact that permeates across organisations, issues and continents.

Juanita comes to her role of director after many years in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.  Having left her role as a Director of Global Marketing and Market Development with an international biotech firm to do more good in the world, she has spent the last five years consulting exclusively to nonprofits, social enterprises and profit-with-purpose organisations.  In her 'spare time' she is the Executive Director of TEDxBrisbane, where she and her team showcase Australia's best ideas to the world.

In 2014 Juanita delivered a TEDx Talk entitled 'Busting the charity overhead myth'.  The film is an extension of many ideas introduced in that talk.