Juanita Wheeler

Juanita is the Founder and Managing Director of Full & Frank and Executive Director of TEDxBrisbane.

‘My social change proposal is the development of a documentary film project, designed to tackle the deeply embedded beliefs and behaviours in the way funding is provided to individuals and organisations seeking to tackle the world’s most significant problems;  paving the way for systemic behavioural change.’

Juanita left her role as a Director of Global Marketing and Market Development with an international biotech firm to do more good in the world. She has spent the last five years consulting exclusively to nonprofits, social enterprises and profit-with-purpose organisations.  In her ‘spare time’ she is the Executive Director of TEDxBrisbane.

'The human brain is hard-wired for storytelling. There is no better tool for communicating in an engaging and compelling manner; to inform, engage empathy, trigger debate, and drive systemic change. We need a well-informed public, where individuals, governments and other funding bodies understand the role charities play in addressing social inequity in Australia.’