Daryle Rigney

Daryle Rigney is a Ngarrindjeri Nation citizen of South Australia and Professor of Indigenous Strategy and Engagement, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Flinders University in Adelaide.

‘My social change proposal is to work with the Ngarrindjeri Nation in the strategic realisation of treaty outcomes using a ‘nation-rebuilding’ approach. My project responds to an urgent need for research that investigates the nature of the various treaty processes currently unfolding in Australia, and evaluates their potential for success in enabling the formal recognition of Indigenous structures of culturally appropriate governance, decision-making and exercise of jurisdiction.

Daryle’s work focuses on international developments in Indigenous governance following colonisation where he has been both a practitioner of Indigenous nation building and has published widely and influentially on this subject. His work has traversed the fields of Indigenous education, governance and nation building, natural resources, cultural heritage and local, national and global engagement, collaboration and alliance.

'The increasing urgency in debates about treaty indicate Australia is poised to enter into a new era of potential agreement and reconciliation between settler states and Indigenous authorities.  My project aims to document, theorise and support the process and the nature of the political negotiations taking place in this ground-breaking historical shift in Australian society.’