Alison Bentick

Alison Bentick is a Torres Strait Islander with Scottish heritage, now living in Dubbo NSW. Alison has worked in Federal Government for 15 years in a variety of portfolios including mainstream employment, disability, education and most importantly Indigenous Affairs.

‘My social change proposal is to address the issue of ice addiction in the Murdi Paaki Region of Western NSW, through a consultative and collaborative two-phase process, building on Recommendation 22 of the National Ice Taskforce Report.’

Alison has a flare for Economic Development and in a previous role in Canberra worked on Indigenous Economic Development and Policy Implementation across several States and Territories.  Her current role with the Murdi Paaki Sub Region in Western NSW links her closely with 16 remote communities on their priorities through a regional governance body.

The varieties of issues you are faced with on a day to day basis in these communities are hard, complex and sometimes hurtful. You come across resilience and passion also mixed with social/mental health issues; alcohol and drug dependencies and overcrowding of houses. I see young mums with ideas for a future, and meet Elders who are working closely with communities to pass on their culture and beliefs for their people.’